Converting XeLaTeX to Wiki formatting with PHP

So, the need came up for me to dump data from my XeLaTeX environment into a Wiki, but I want to continue to master the the document in TeXShop, but the wiki needs to stay up to date, so the only thing for it is to create an exporter. So that’s exactly what I did. […]

ImageBooth: Multilayered Image Manipulation in PHP

I’m going to be releasing documentation on my development framework, Datalus, in the near future… but before that, I’ll be releasing a few examples using the utility libraries from it. My first example uses a stacked imaging framework built on top of GD who’s goal is to implement the feature set of photoshop 3. It […]

Error Handling with fatals in PHP

At some point I grew frustrated with PHP not being able to catch fatal errors, so I set out to see if it was possible with the current PHP feature set. The problem is that if an error is considered fatal, php bails and leaves you with no page or a partial page. Now we […]

Generating Simple Grammars in PHP about Soup

So, I’ve worked in a number of loose environments, and there tends to be some concept of recurring topics wherever I go… even more, there’s always that guy who sees that flicker of interest die in your eyes but still bravely forges ahead with the conversation. A coworker had probably the most effective blockade for […]

PHP Autoloader

When working on a large project with a number of backend tasks, intranet and public websites, I found that a couple of third party libraries had conflicting names, so when the autoloader ran, it always found the one it hit first. I found myself wondering if it would be possible to Autoload by scope, by […]