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ImageBooth Demo 2: HTML5 + JS Image Editor

ImageBooth Demo 2: HTML5 + JS Image Editor

After another week working on the ImageBooth JS port, I’ve had a number of successes so almost all the core interfaces are available, and there is now a brushing system which doesn’t exist on the PHP version. Go ahead and check out the demo(works under webkit, slightly janky under FF, not working under IE). All […]

Converting XeLaTeX to Wiki formatting with PHP

So, the need came up for me to dump data from my XeLaTeX environment into a Wiki, but I want to continue to master the the document in TeXShop, but the wiki needs to stay up to date, so the only thing for it is to create an exporter. So that’s exactly what I did. […]

Multilayered Image Convolution with MooTools + HTML5 Canvas

So, as a not-so-secret side project I’m porting pieces of the Protolus/Datalus foundation to Javascript for great awesomeness, looking to the day when client side view rendering ascends to it’s rightful throne. Until then, it means I’m doing all kinds of awesome experimentation while porting these components. I’m currently working on a port of ImageBooth […]