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ImageBooth: Multilayered Image Manipulation in PHP

I’m going to be releasing documentation on my development framework, Datalus, in the near future… but before that, I’ll be releasing a few examples using the utility libraries from it. My first example uses a stacked imaging framework built on top of GD who’s goal is to implement the feature set of photoshop 3. It […]

HTML SVN changelog output

So, yesterday I sent a note about my blog to Martin Pittenauer, developer of SubEthaEdit. OK, yeah… but that’s not the strange part. So later on, I was looking for a tool to convert SVN logs to pretty printed html. After a few minutes of looking, guess who built an XSL script to do that […]

Using AppleScript to enable projects in SubEthaEdit

A lot of people on OS X use TextMate, and I respect that. It’s a full featured editor which everyone loves due to it’s ‘project drawer’ which allows you to browse a directory of files right in the sidebar of the window. I have experienced a lot of pain over the years so my likes […]