PHP Autoloader

When working on a large project with a number of backend tasks, intranet and public websites, I found that a couple of third party libraries had conflicting names, so when the autoloader ran, it always found the one it hit first. I found myself wondering if it would be possible to Autoload by scope, by […]

SplatterPlot in MooTools and Raphael

Recently I’ve been working on some prototypes at work, and we’ve been doing a lot of rapid iteration and one of the ideas called for a splatter plot which was assumed would be fixed, but I had an idea on handling placement purely by linear position, which would then map to some position on a […]

Code environment for XeLaTeX

I found myself wanting an environment for outputting code samples and examples, in order to produce some standards documentation. After a couple of iterations I came up with the following: Then all I need to do is wrapper this environment around the code in question. Cheers.

XeLaTeX watermarking environment macro

I’m totally enjoying my switch from LaTeX to XeLaTeX, with all of the added benefits that entails. Over the years I’ve cobbled together and built a number of helpful macros so this will be my first of many posts to share them. Some may not be XeLaTeX specific, but as that’s the environment I use, […]

Cross Browser SVG Using Moo + Raphael + XML for Script

I’m used to a very easy to implement, callback oriented php SAX parser from working with PHP for so long, and I’ve found a number of instances where I found myself wanting that capability in javascript. In addition, I tend to favor Extending objects to callback passing, as you don’t end up messing with scope […]