Multilayered Image Convolution with MooTools + HTML5 Canvas

So, as a not-so-secret side project I’m porting pieces of the Protolus/Datalus foundation to Javascript for great awesomeness, looking to the day when client side view rendering ascends to it’s rightful throne. Until then, it means I’m doing all kinds of awesome experimentation while porting these components. I’m currently working on a port of ImageBooth to Javascript, which I will then wrapper in a much more useful demo app. But I just wanted to share the reality of doing convolutions live, in-browser. No time for any detailed code, but if you’re feeling wiley, it’s quite readable.

What I can’t account for is why the blur, which was working perfectly before I did some structural tinkering, is now working as brighten… but for the purposes of this demo it works better, so I shouldn’t complain.

Check out some of the images I made:

from the original:

Here is the actual Demo!

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