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So, yesterday I sent a note about my blog to Martin Pittenauer, developer of SubEthaEdit. OK, yeah… but that’s not the strange part. So later on, I was looking for a tool to convert SVN logs to pretty printed html. After a few minutes of looking, guess who built an XSL script to do that very transformation. It was a few years old, and SVN’s XML format has apparently moved on, but a few tweaks got it back into shape. I offer this here as an updated version of his original.

Download the XSL

My most used scenario would be something like wanting to pull all the logs between my current revision and what’s in the repository at the head, both the know what’s about to drop on me, and to have a changelog after it does. So just drop that unzipped XSL file in your user home and execute the following:
svn log -v --xml -rHEAD:$((`svn info | awk '/^Revision:/ {print $2}'` + 1)) | xsltproc -o ./changlog.html ~/htmlLog.xsl -

then launch the log with:
open ./changlog.html

That is all.. and thanks Martin, for repeatedly predicting what I’d need to do years ahead of time, and providing me with the tools I need to do it.

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    Nice graphics, what is the name of template ?

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